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Ummm. Nope.

About had myself talked into going out tonight after the news. College football was still on. I haven’t done anything to deserve going out and swilling beer today.

Didn’t rehang my pictures. *heh* (it’s that whole I don’t feel like moving the couch again thing). Didn’t do laundry. I did play with my camera for a bit. I got a mirrored flash diffuser to bounce the flash behind me. Fooled with that for a bit tonight. Good tool I think. Made to fit over the pop up flash on the camera body and it seems to work. It reflects the flash rearward behind the camera. The couple of pics I took were well lit but much softer than the shots I took without the thing on it. You have to have a reflective surface back there to bounce the flash off.

Also got a pinhole attachment which I haven’t fooled with at all. That might produce something interesting. I’ve seen some cool stuff done with these. It’s basically a lens cap with a pinhole in the center.

Picked up some new clothes that were delivered. Cold weather stuff. A couple of nice flannel shirts and a vest (a sleeveless coat) with a nice bit of lining in it. Oh and a turtleneck. Haven’t had one of these in years…

So I didn’t do enough to reward myself with a little time out. Honestly though, I just got a friclkin’ headache. Having some hot chocolate while the news is on. I will likely finish the news and take something for my head and go on to bed. I might crack that bottle of scotch I bought. But the way my head feels it’s probably best not to. Common sense? OMG! Say it ain’t so! *laughs*

Exciting stuff I know. We can’t all be 007.
Tags: 42, my exciting life
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