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That'll Learn Ya!

Started to run my Photog class (web class) from my win lappie.

Computer: Uh…. Wait a minute, you, I am a windows computer. I have tons of updates to do first.
Me: No. Not yet. start chrome.
Computer: Hey wait. Are you sure?
Me: Yes.
Computer: Really?
Me: godammit!
Computer: Okay. Okay! No need to get tes-
Chrome: I’ve got updates…
Me: *sigh* shit. okay. be quick about it, dammit!
Chrome: Right. I’m on it. *ping!* Finished!
Me: really! cool!
Chrome: Rebooting
Me: fark.


Then when I brought the Web site up chrome didn’t display the Announcements for the class correctly. So I updated Firefox too. Still the same. Went with safari on my mac. Same deal. So…

First World Problems

Blew too much time dinking with that laptop. I should know better. Anytime you leave a machine switched off for a while, it’ll need updates. But after not having dealt with windows for a while, I guess I kinda forgot. Been a couple of weeks since I booted that windoze machine. Lesson learned. Keep up with your tech, T.

Haven’t decided whether to still do another lesson yet. *I know I should* I’d really like to move along with this class. I’ve lined up three more behind this one.

Where does the time go? After 6PM already. What can I say, I’m easily distracted. Ooooooooh ShInY!

Maybe if I assigned myself homework… Nahhh. *Didn’t work when I was in school.

*Well not really. I was a fair student. Just too smart for my own good.


55F on my patio right now! Nice and chilly out today. I haven’t been out in it yet, but I will go out for a meal tonight I think. This should feel different than usual…

The temperature has dropped about 4 degrees since I started this entry. Not really that unusual for this time of year.


Friend KD called a bit ago he is in the ER with his Mom at request of her doctor. Something about pain meds not working for her. Sounds like she was taking enough vicodin to be comatose. The dose she’s taking I would have had trouble with sitting up. !!

I can’t really do anything for him at this time. But I’ll keep asking.


Had an email from The Offspring, asking me about something. I replied back quickly, and haven't heard from her since. We need to get on the stick with this. Just need to tell me. Busy kid.


Texans at New England tonight. I may not be going out to eat after all. Kick off at 730 central. I’d really like to see the Texans take the the Pats. I ain’t holding my breath though. Brady and his crew are one of the toughest in the NFL.


Getting chilly here in la casita. And I’m wearing my usual uniform. Shorts and a t-shirt.

It’s cooler in here now (75F) than I usually keep the place in the summer time 78-80F. Not ready to turn on the furnace yet. I will layer up if I have to. *laughs*

Annnnnnd I’ll turn the dang furnace on too. I might be cheap (not), but I like to be comfortable too.

So I’m off to confront a hot shower and I think Minestrone for dinner tonight while the game is on.

I may even crack my bottle of single malt scotch later. Celebrate the cold! Wish the whiskey stones I’ve ordered were here. I’m ready to give them a try. *grins*

But after my shower I think I’ll confront that next lesson on ISO.


Be kind to one another folks!
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