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Worn Out…

Spent the day with friend KD and his GF. I’d never met J and needless to say, I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m crazy at this point. Which is okay, cause I kinda am! She seems very nice.

We managed to get funeral arrangements made and obituary *mostly* written. These things are hard.

Picked out the music for the viewing and the service which will be Saturday. It’ll be a bit, to me, non traditional. And that’s all right.


I haven’t spent much time thinking about what happens when I die, but I’m thinking I want to be cremated and scattered somewhere I like, or that is interesting to me. And not too soon right?


I’m worn out. I need to get out at some point though and take care of some things today. Not sure I have clothing (that I can wear) that is appropriate for a funeral.

Holiday time is a helluva time to die.


And I’m seriously tired today.. bleh. They exhausted me.
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