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We Had Roast Beast For Dinner

Was invited to dinner tonight by my friends Mi & Ri. These are dear folk whom I have known for at least 2 decades.

They were able to entice my sick self over to dinner with the promise of a roast beast rotisseried on their grill in the back yard.

I made cracks about how kinky they were as they worked diligently to tightly tie the beast to the rotisserie pole and put it on the grill.

We had a nice time of drinks (apple juice for me, please!), chit chat and feasted on said beast along with some roasted potatoes and brussels sprouts.

Before I left they popped a very nice 4 jars (or cans) of home made pasta sauce (with no shrooms *woot!*) A loaf of italian bread and two big bags of wheat pasta on me as a christmas present in a big basket. Nice!

One of their friends called while I was there, and invited me to do christmas eve fondue at her house on the other side of town. Ri and Mi offered to pick me up and drop me off. I couldn’t refuse that. Woman is from Holland. A tall blond dutch girl. *Did I mention I have some very cool dutch friends?*

Toss in fire, and hot cheeses and chocolate and other savory sauces with various things to cook in them. Sounds positively yummy to me.

I’ve hung out with her before, first time I’ve been invited to her house. The more the merrier I reckon.

Need to do some laundry tomorrow. Need to get some rest tonight. So I’m having some sleepy time tea (no caffeine) right now and I think a cold type sleep aid will be in order shortly.

Be kind to one another, friends.
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