TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

*Hack Hack*

Woke up this morning with a somewhat familiar (and unwelcome!) tightness *cough cough* in my lungs. Felt like poop. Got up and started some laundry, had a cup of coffee and headed right back to bed. Slept for a couple more hours. Apparently. Feeling a bit better.

Folded and hung the laundry.

*grins* Beginning to wonder if this is my clue to just stay in today / tonight. I’d like some holiday cheer, but not at the expense of feeling like shit tomorrow. Buuuuuut.If I’m gonna feel like shit anyway, I might as well go out. Just don’t expect me to climb any mountains. Or hills. Or STAIRS.

Decisions - decisions.

Tags: 42, holidaze
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