TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Home…Feliz Navidad!

Back from Spring, safe and sound. Got hung up on the North Fwy for a while while an accident cleared.

Having some herbal tea and then some medication and I’m off to slumberland for a few hours.

That was a very pleasant way to be diverted for an evening. Interesting meal. We cooked on a granite griddle (for lack of a better term) It was a cook ya own kind of deal. Sabine did all the prep work. Thinly sliced beef and pork. Peeled shrimp. A couple of salads and veggies. Woman is a consummate entertainer. Everything that needed to be cooked could be cooked on the granite stone or the little shelf right below that. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Dee-lish was what it was.

Took one of my soy candles for her. Those are interesting. Made with soy oil. When you light the candle, it melts the soy oil, which has been treated with various aromatherapy materials. Once the oil melts, it can be used for a moisturizing lotion or oil. Feels and smells terrific. Hope she and her BF enjoy that!

I’ll get up in the AM and see when we’re supposed to be doing Christmas and wrap the last of my gifties.

Joyeaux Nöelle, y’all!
Tags: 42, holidaze
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