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Today was a Good Day

Scrambled around earlier today looking for wrapping paper. Thought I had more than I did. And THAT’s what I get for not checking. *laughs* I swear I had more than I do. So I used the Sunday funnies to finish up. It all turned out.

Sipped a couple Irish Whiskeys (from the flask) with the kiddo and her mom. I never broke the flask out last night, so it was still in the trunk when I got to where I was going today. The three of us pretty much drained it. *grins*

A roast with veggies for our holiday dinner. The Offspring has turned out to be quite the culinary talent.

She gave me a bottle of cranberry infused vodka. Tasty! And some home made vanilla extract. And an artist’s re-print of one of her pieces that I admired sometime back.

A very pleasant interlude, I must say.


Weather turned colder by about 20 degrees between the time I got to The Offspring’s place and the time we left. I knew it was supposed to and had thrown a coat (well, an insulated vest) in the trunk of the Saturn Express. The wind has turned around to out of the north and picked up in intensity. The first taste of it kinda took my breath away. Swooosh!


One of my neighbors in the high rise across the way lost a patio cover today. It looks like they had sunk bolts into the concrete to hold the frame in place. The bolts did their job all right. The nylon/canvas cover has been shredded beyond recognition and the frame work is several twisted pretzel looking messes. And the bolts ARE STILL HOLDING!

At least it didn’t end up in the pool!


Hope everyone has had a mostly pleasant day doing whatever it is you do on days like today.

Ain’t no drama here and for that I am GRATEFUL! Got to be a couple years running now. No holiday drama. Ever since I moved out of Katy, really. Once I got away from that family.

But dude! I need to step up around this place tomorrow… And the next day. And the next day… Heh. I went through here like a whirlwind today and left messes in my wake.

I ain’t starting anything I don’t want to finish *laughs* at 1130 at night...
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