TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Is it Just Me?

Or my machine? Or me and my machine?

Got a 2011 Mac Mini. 8 GB RAM . External 500GB HDD for media. Also have an Old 80GB iPod classic (amongst others. Jeez) that I need to sync after I buy some new music. I use the classic around the house or (mostly) in the car.

I (try to) use Airplay around the house a lot. Frickin’ iTunes is such a RAM hog though. Try to sync AND play to several sets of speakers and I get all kinds of signal drop. And damn near everything is Ethernet up in here in la casita. Still get the drop. WTF iTunes?!?

Enter airfoil. It seems to handle the drop nicely. As in… There is none. Nada. I’ve had nothing but success with Airfoil. Apparently rogue amoeba does this better than Apple can. Hmmmm.

A superb SW product for music. The only problem I’ve got with it is the 3 to 4 second delay between the time you press your control. Ex. hit pause. Hence the audio is off sync with video. Small issue really as I don't use Airfoil for video. I did once. Liked to have driven me crazy until I figured out the delay thing. BOOM!


Is it Me? of Another Kind

Those of y’all that have been around longest know that holiday times are (were?) hard for me to deal with.

I seem to have turned a corner this year.I am not nearly as hard on me. Or (mostly) anyone else for that matter. Unless I think they deserve or need it. All subjective. Of course. *laughs*

Lost the rolling boil me. I’ve realized it for quite some time. First Holiday season I’ve noticed I was almost completely relaxed though.

I laugh. A lot. And at myself. A lot.

Had a lot of time to myself in the last few months. The changes I made in the last few months have fomented this. It’s caused some introspection. And I find I like what I see. Have I just accepted it? Don’t think so. I’ve talked about this before in these pages and I don’t need to go over all that ground again. Or maybe I do? *grins* But I made a few subtle(?!) changes in lifestyle and I’m seeing improvements. I’d like for that to continue.

I am:
  • less of a drinker. (let’s thank the gods!)
  • still a procrastinator (and fine with that)
  • unemployed (and maybe unemployable? *grins*)
  • a non smoker (Yay!)
  • still a stoner. sort of. *laughs*
  • over weight. I had this pointed out to me when I was at Jos A Bank getting fitted for clothes. I had moved into their “portly” sizes. Instead of getting all stressed about that, I laughed. Out loud. *grins* LAUGHED. Me. At me.
  • still lighter than I was last year at this time.
  • more aware of what goes in here. physically and mentally. And attempting to be more responsible about it.
  • still unafraid to be alone. I actually prefer it a lot of the time.
  • unafraid of being me. Had someone I met on christmas eve tell me I was “one of the coolest people I’ve ever met,” because of my utter lack of fear of being me. And let’s face it, your TexasT’s is a bit of a strange ranger. Dig myself a hole? Deeper? Oh yeah, and I’ll walk right in that motherfucker too! (he meant in conversation. I think. *laughs*)
  • writing more. Here and not here. Seems to really help with all this other stuff.
  • able to talk about myself in the 3rd person. No problem what so ever.

TexasT’s is still able to do an entire post and not really say jack shit that is new! Boy just rolls over the same ground. HAHAHAHAHA!


On a more serious note…

I am walking towards the future. And away from the past. And unafraid of doing either. And able to. Not sure I really would have been able to say that in ’09 or 2010. Or even last year. But I can now…

Whoooa. Deep.
Tags: 42, apple, tech
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