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Could be Interesting. Might be Interesting.

Road Trip? Oh Yeah...

Spoke with a friend last night about doing a road trip to California in February. Could be an interesting ride. Both friend Jimbro and myself will be 55 in February. He seems a bit strange, but if you had to hang out with a bunch of stevedores at work everyday, you’d be a bit strange too. He ain’t a longshoreman, but he owns a company of them.

I need a trip. Even if it is in a big ass (used) Dodge diesel Heavy Duty 4 door RAM Pickup.


TexasT’s Has Gone to the Dogs!

I twisted wrong whilst sitting in a dinning room chair at my dog sitting gig and two of the legs on the thing snapped and deposited me on the floor. The dogs laughed at me. Good thing one of their little asses wasn’t under the damned chair when the legs gave out!

Annnnnd I forgot to turn the thermostat over there back down when I left. Didn’t go back. I never did get warm over there today. Or yesterday either for that matter. BLARGL!

I feel like someone hit me with a “You are sooooo tired” stick today. Likely be an early (for me any way) night tonight. Out late last night. It occurs to me (as it might to you) that there may be too many of these late nights out lately. Need to work on that. And no more of that crap while I am dog sitting. Was late getting over there today. Need to be a responsible person for the next 2 weeks at least.

I apparently cannot just do a schedule and stick with it any more. It’s going to take some effort.
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