TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Ummmmmm. Nope!

Dreamwidth. No thanks.

I'm not jumping off lj and running over to dreamwidth. I don't really encourage any one to.

I do say back up your journal as seems prudent. I usually do one of those lj book thingies around this time of year for the previous one. It creates a searchable PDF file between the dates specified by the user. So yeah. Back up. Running away? Nope!

Took advantage of an after Christmas sale and got a new display for my desktop. Old one is getting rather aged.

New one should be delivered today, along with some other assorted trinkets.

Actually I just got a notification from slice.com that it was delivered. Slice is an interesting and free service that tracks your online purchases.

I'd go down to the office and pick it up but I'm at my dog sitting gig at the moment so my stuff will just have to wait a bit.
Tags: 42, livejournal, lj, ljfriends, web
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