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Back From the Dogs...

At least for today.


COPD, How do I Love Thee?

Well. I don’t. COPD sucks. Haven’t really had an asthma attack in quite sometime. Several months at least. But one night late last week I turned up short of breath. I LOVE that feeling of, “There is no air here for me!” Frickin’ scary.

Gone back on my meds for that in the last couple of days and I already can tell the difference. And I’ve started carrying a rescue inhaler again. I think it was brought on by that damned cold I’d been fighting with.

Stopped taking them a month or so ago. Lesson learned!


Well, Well, Well

I need to conjure up some dinner. At some point I think I’d like a drink tonight. My single malt is calling my name. Tried these Whisky Stones last week. The jury is still out. More research is required. *laughs* They don’t really get anything cold, but they do take the edge off. Maybe I was doing it wrong.


Who’s Your Bud Dude?

Was out with some friends last evening and we got to the time to part ways and he asked if I had any bud.

“Just my dugout.” He looked at me with these big ol’ puppy eyes, so I pressed the thing into his hand and told him to get the hell outta there before I changed my mind. He needed it more than I did. I’ll pick the thing up tomorrow. We’re supposed to meet up for a meal or drinks or summat.

Besides it’s not my only implement. *grins*


Best Picture?

Don’t know about that, but I installed a new 24” 3D display to my desktop machine yesterday. Man, is it bright. Think I’ll try hooking up a PS3 to the thing and lessee how that 3D works. Quite sHiNy…


And the Texans won!

I think they are going to have a really hard time with New England Patriots. They got powned by ‘em when they last met.

Watching the Vikings and Green Bay now.


Right, I need to scare up some dinner.

Happy Saturday!

Be good to one another!
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