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Much Better Today Thank You

I was feeling much better by the time I woke up this morning. And the dogs hadn’t eaten each other by the time I got there, or the house for that matter. *grins*

Made an effort to get over there by 1000. Made it by 1100. *sigh* Gave them lots of attention, and fed them. Rainy day here in H town and by the time I got to the dog house my feet were soaked. And yes, I had shoes on. But they are of the religious variety. Yup. They were holy. I’ve known for sometime they needed to be replaced. And I decided that today was the day. Hit the local Rockport store. Got 2 new pairs of boat shoes, a pair of what I would call driving moccasins. Just slip ons really. But the sole climbs up the back of the shoe so the heel doesn’t get all scuffed up while you’ve got yer foot mashed in the gas pedal. And a pair of boots. Told them to chuck my old ones and wore the new ones out of the store. Problem solved. No more wet socks or feet. Just need to repair my wallet that now has a big hole in it. *laughs*

Back to the doghouse and hung out there long enough to feed the dogs and me and watched the news and a couple other sitcoms and then stumbled on to PBS’ American Experience “The Abolutionists”. The critic in the local paper skewered it pretty hard, but I thought the first part was quite good actually. I thumb my nose at most critics anyway. Part 2 will be next week. After that I bid my charges adieu and came home.

So there you have it. My exciting life. About as exciting as watching paint dry.

Weird freakin’ weather round here. Was cold and rainy this morning, but by the time I got to the mall and the shoe store I was over dressed. Hell, now at la casita, I’ve got the patio door open and a fan blowing in.

Texas Weather. If you don’t like it, just hang around for 15 minutes. It’ll change. At some point after midnight we are supposed to have some thunderbangers come through and drop a bunch more rain on us through tomorrow sometime. So we have been experiencing drought conditions and typical of the Houston area, we’ll probably be OVER wet sometime tomorrow.
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