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Okay - Time to Come Home Now.

I believe my friends are due back either today or tomorrow. I like their dogs, but that’s the thing. Their dogs. Their house. Their stuff. Rather be hanging at la casita. No pets here. And rushing to and fro is getting old.

Burned up a half tank of gas flitting between here and there, Better than some cars I’m sure.

They need to come home and take care of business.

For some reason ~ I’ve been really short of breath lately. Started about the time I started dog/house sitting. Coincidence? Hope so. But it’s pretty annoying to say the very least. Probably put on a pound or two as well since I haven’t been keeping good track of what goes in here. Next week.

Talked to friend Jimbro the other night and he sounds serious (and excited) about this roadtrip we’ve been talking about. As he is a business owner I don’t see how he can break away for two weeks. But what the hell do I know. We’ll see as the week of the trip gets closer.

Could be an interesting February.
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