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You Coulda Called, Dang It! And Other Bits

Well You Could Have!

Had to wash a couple loads of clothes this morning before I took off and went to the dogs. While I was about that I started re-arranging my kitchen. I just need to reclaim some counter space. Haven’t liked the clutter in there for quite some time. Last year I bought a counter top appliance I thought I would use more. (and I think I will, eventually) It has a huge footprint. Got it off the counter. Decided at the same time to shed some glassware. I have too much. And I ordered some nice cocktail glasses that are made from Italian glass. Hand blown and all that. And they came in. I purged some (advertisement type) pint glasses that I’ve picked up over the years. A few cups and other glasses I don’t want or need.

There’s still lots to be done in there. By the time my 2 loads of laundry had washed, dried and been hung up or folded, I was ready for a break. Nice to have clean clothes! Warm clothes.

So I cruised to the dog house to find my friends had arrived at some point. (You coulda called!). I hung out with them for a while. Ate my lunch (Some chili from Beck’s Prime and a glass of ice tea) while they told me about their adventures in Panama. And asked me about that damned chair that fell apart under me. *laughs* Was getting ready to bail and come home to watch the Texans game, they turned it on, in spite of the fact they ain’t football folk.

I stayed through the end of the first half and drove swiftly home so I could watch the rest and do the last load of laundry and a bit more in the kitchen. I still say they should have called me.

Once I got back to la casita I had a nice warm cup of decaf with a shot of Irish Cream. Yum! Watched the Texans lose to the Patriots. During commercial breaks I worked in the kitchen and laundry.

Had a nice dinner of Won Ton soup and Mediterranean salad. Dressing was so strong, along with the peppers and stuff I drank a glass of milk with dinner.

Started a game install on the PS3. Jeebus I need to get this thing wired into my network. WiFi is a bit slow on downloads and stuff for the Playstation. I need another cable. Pretty soon I’ll need another Ethernet switch too. I think I’ve about got all the toys I want or need for a while. *grins*

I may have to get rid of something in the toys area before too long. *laughs*

My last load is in the dryer and finished (has been for a while now) and I’m ignoring it. Had some peppermint tea and a little superb herb. Going to let the clothes rest in the dryer till the morning, I think. All cotton clothes and towels.

It’s 1130 come and gone. Where the hell did my day go? Think I’ll have another hot drink (some sleepytime tea, any one?) and totter off to bed.

Been a fairly productive day. More than usual and I was even out for several hours. Hoping for another one tomorrow.

Good night kids. Be kind to one another, folks!
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