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Late to the Party...

Probably one of 10 people on the planet that hasn’t seen this already, but… Just finished watching the Avengers ™ movie. Agent Colson really? He was the bond that knit the Avengers together? orly?!

That whole sh-bang was a bit disappointing really.

Next up: The last Batman movie.


Road Trippin’

It’s looking like this road trip to the west coast is going to come together rather quickly now. Too quickly for me. But it should be interesting.

For starters we’re supposed to meet some friends (his) in some mountain hideout. Ha ha. Ski resort I think. I don’t have clothes to ski and I’m in no shape for it, either. I’ve never even been up on snow skis. Not sure I’m ready to learn now either. I live in SE Texas for chrissakes! I’m lucky if I have a pair of gloves!

Sounds like the plan is to meet these goys and hang out in the mountains for a couple of days. And then hit the socal coast. And then we’ll just see. Probably head north at some point.

Been a while since I trusted someone enough to let ‘em call all the shots for something like this. He’s calling me all excited and shit.

I’m terrified and excited by the prospect of this trip. And I know I need to do something. Anything! Yank me out of the doldrums I’ve been in for quite some time.

Could be an interesting couple of weeks.
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