TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

How's About Tuesday?

Spoke to the man. We agreed to bail on Tuesday morning. Fine by me.

First stop is supposed to be Mammoth Mountain, CA.

It’s like 17 degrees there. And that is just too cold to fart around with. I don’t even own a pair of jeans that fits me. Much less anything that will withstand that for any amount of time. I can layer my torso.

Tire chains are required I think weather.com said. May need to consider some other destination. Unless he knows from chains. I sure as hell do not.

Think I’m going to need a couple extra batteries for my camera. I have two. But I also have a grip that holds two. So two more may not be a bad idea. TWICE the POWA!

Maybe I’ll pick up a pair or two of jeans too. Since I’ve got till Tuesday, I can manage this, I think.

I effin’ hate long johns… though I hate cold, cold weather more. Best look at those too. Bleh. Just to be on the safe side.

Figure we’ll take a (mostly) leisurely 2 day drive going west.

Oh and the dood was out of range (WTF!?!) ~ at his deer lease. Out past San Antonio… He was on his way back. Seems we forget that kind of shit can happen. Or I do. I’m rarely off the grid. I suspect I’ll be off for a bit soon…
Tags: 42, road trip
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