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Went through a couple of photog classes in the last day or two. The last two dealt with white balance. It should be called color balance, but don’t just take my word for it.

A few photogs I know (either actually or over the web or something) say that white balance is given way too much weight. And then they all proceed to tell you at least 3 different ways *each!* to set it. Manually or use a photo. I’ve been mulling this over the last couple of days and playing with it.

White Balance defined: Camera's attempt to get accurate color. Whiter whites, blacker, blacks, truer grays, etc.

Had to actually get the manual out to understand the custom white balance controls. I think with these Balenz lens covers it should be a >SNAP!< to get the color right. Yep, I think it was mostly the difference between manufacturers. I I tried this last night with an incandescent lamp here at my desk with mixed results.

Some photogs recommend using the cloudy setting 90 percent of the time. Except in sunrise or sunset conditions. Then the best shot you can get may very well be with AWB. (Auto White Balance) unless you do a manual setting.

So out on my patio I experimented with this thing and it does help. Got better sky color and things were just more vivid all around. Of course I could be suffering from delusions of photography but I think I can tell the difference.
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