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Misc Bits and Pieces Edition

Music ~ Lately I’ve found myself listening to entire albums rather than a playlist. Kind of a departure for me as I tended to either ‘random’ or a playlist (usually) of some kind. Something. Don’t know. At least I’m still listening to music. Had a few years where I didn’t. I didn’t seem to miss it at the time, but what the fuck was it kept me sane? Cannot go too long without some sort of tunes or something. Having kind of a hard time sitting still for something as long as a movie. Not sure what that is about.

Ordered an eBike yesterday. Doing this rather than the road trip right now. I have to do something to get me moving. You know, I was never a gym rat or someone who exercised for *gulp* fun. But I was active. I used to camp and walk and ride my bike and do all kinds of stuff. Right now it just seems to take or be too much work. I know I need to be doing something. Moving.

But the extra person I’m carrying around seems to think it is too much effort. Hell, I’m on the right track. Or feel like I am. Quit smoking. Trying to watch what I eat. And drink. Cut way back on my beer allotment. Oh yeah I still have 2 or 3 sometimes, just not nearly as much (or as often) as I was. Gotta be saving a little money that way too. I got to looking into some of my bar tabs and lord have mercy have I spent some money in these places in the last couple years! And NO! I ain’t divulging numbers. I will say it did give me pause, however. But I digress. Back to the bike...

Holy crap. It cost less than my last bicycle. That was a Raleigh road bike. I was still married to The RedHead (wife 2.0) when it was purchased. It is over 20 years old now. That mother is still hanging in there too. But I guess I need a jumpstart of some kind.

Of course, Red is long gone. *laughs* Last I heard she’d moved to Colorado with her hubster 2.0 and their three children. Heard she’s happy. I hope so. She deserves to be. Not her fault her first husband (moi) was hell bent on acting like a lunatic. I was. I am fairly certain some folk still think I’m crazy too. I myself don’t wonder about that any more. Just a waste of time and brain cells.

Made my first comment on woot.com and someone upgraded it to a quality post. I guess the mods do that? Got no idea. Didn’t seem like a quality post to me. *grins* Been a w00ter since around 2010. Cannot believe it took me 2 years to leave a comment. !

Had TexMex for lunch with The Offspring on Thursday. I’ve not spoken to a soul since. Oh, some texts or replying to a post or something. Or email. Just no face to face or voice to voice. *laughs* Just trying to work some things out. I surely do not mind being alone in any case. Maybe I’m turning into a hermit. Naahhhhhh.

It had been a couple three weeks since I had seen the kiddo last. We do not need to wait so long. And I told her so. Seems to be a very busy person, so I let her be. Hell, she looks fine, sounds like she’s headed in the right direction (what ever that might be), eating well, etc… She’s happy, who the hell am I to interfere? I am happy with her. For her. As I said, she’s busy.

I’ll be 55 in a couple of days. Maybe that has something to do with this inner and outer cleaning I seem to be doing. Honestly, I didn't think I’d been giving it any thought. But perhaps… Subconsciously. Feck! Who knows?! I certainly seem to be lost in thought a lot lately. Sounds good, let’s run with that one.

I am doing all right, I guess. I’m relaxed. Reading a lot. Books, mags, interwebs, the local newspaper. *heh* I might be too relaxed *if you know what I mean*…

Just quietly thinking out loud. *laughs* I thought that was from some song lyrics by Buffett. But I cannot seem to locate it at the moment. Ah well. Made me smile.
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