TexasT's (texasts) wrote,


Just sat through “The Expendables 2.” Was kind of a hoot. Wonder if all those old coots are getting bored? Still pretty unusual to see all of those “bad asses” together in one movie.

But it was watchable. If you throw reality right out the window. I still like watching shit get blown to hell.


I really had a good day. Riding was good. I can’t remember the last time I was soo out of breath and enjoying it so much. It was completely different than an asthma attack. Had no fear that there would be no air for me. I’ve suffered through some (asthma) attacks in the past that I wondered if I was going to walk away from. This was a different experience.

And I probably didn’t go more than a couple of miles. I was dressed inappropriately for the weather. It was hot and humid. I was hot. Should have worn some shorts.

Probably pay for some of that tomorrow somehow. I really am in pathetic shape. Gotta start somewhere.

I wanna do it again! Still letting the first charge run out. This three empty/charge thing is break in.
Tags: 42, bicycle, movies
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