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Haha! Yup!

Both my legs are quite sore today. My left kmnee took the brunt of the external damage. Knocked the breath out of me too. I sat there and let traffic work it’s way around me. Not smart, I was frickin’ stunned! I’m positive that the spill was operator error. Been thinking on that a bit. Reckon I was going too fast to stop in the required distance or do a mid manuever course correction.

All accidents are preventable. It’s true. Need to be more careful until I get comfortable on the beast. Got a healthier bit of respect for that piece of machinery. Paid in skinned knee! *laughs*

I’m thinking it may be a nice quiet day here at La Casita. Or at least at home. *grins*

Still got issues with the charger for the bike battery. I’m going to have to insist on a warranty replacement, I bet.

Jammin’ on some Maroon 5 ~
Tags: 42, accidents will happen, bicycle, stupid shit
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