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Taking It Easy

I’m taking it pretty easy this weekend.

My knee looks pretty raunchy and sometimes still stings pretty good too. I’m sure it looks worse than it really is. I still don’t really want to cover it or have anything rubbing across it. Fortunate the weather has been nice, I’ve worn nothing but shorts. Been hanging out here at La Casita. Very low key. Eating, Drinking. Sleeping. etc.

Gotten through a few movies I had backlogged. Definitely not moving very fast.

Thoroughly non productive weekend really. I’ve gotten a couple things accomplished, I guess. You know, laundry, food, drinks. The basics. *grins* But mostly just been chillin’ here.


Candles ~ I Like Them

I’m sitting her in the dark of my apartment. Only a small ‘Tetris’ lamp and 10 candles besides my display light the place. I love candlelight. Or the ambiance it creates. I’ve taken to electric candles on timers in the apartment. They’re all on timers so they come on at different times, stay on for a few hours and then switch off. They all do that ‘flickery’ thing and a couple even have double LEDs in them. Cool as long as you do not look too close. And you can put these things any where.

Out on the patio, I’ve got a couple solar powered lamps and light strands. Just put them out and Once spring sprungs I’ll get a lot more direct sun out there. They don't last very long after dark right now, but I think that will change with the seasons. Not enough to read by but a pretty soft light.



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Feb. 25th, 2013 10:23 am (UTC)
I forgot to say, when I accidentally sawed my knee, I put an elastoplast on just to go to town. Bending the knee made it bleed, and I didn't want to gross people out with that! I even went to the doctor but forgot completely to tell him about it, and he didn't even notice!

Rest up well, hope your owie heals up enough for you to go get supplies when needed.
Feb. 26th, 2013 11:47 am (UTC)
Forgot to mention the candles. They would be nice, I think. And electronic = much lower fire risk.
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