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Low and Slow

Slow… Is what I am taking it today. Able to put jeans on this morning. Still rubs a bit but, things are hardening up a bit on that ol’ nasty lookin’ knee. Sounds awful, but trust me it isn’t. I mean oh yeah, it is gnarly looking. I scraped the top 20 layers (or so) of the dermis off! But it is healing up.

On that note I think I’ll have chinese delivery tonight for dinner. I don’t have to leave la casita annnnnnnnd I do not have to cook! Sounds like a win to me!

Thinking an outing tomorrow. Need a new bottle of scotch (or two. A blend and a single malt) and some olives, I’d like a martini or two. Out of vodka too. Got gin though. And vermouth. Oh and I could use some other supplies too.. Tomorrow is soon enough. Liquor store and some groceries. This will be a car trip. Heh.

I believe I’ve got a shot left in that bottle of Glen Moran. That’s been a pretty good sippin’ scotch. Might get another bottle.


Windy as all get out outside my door today. It keeps closing the doors. And not gently. SLAM!!!

Raised the blinds on the patio door and OMG the windows are grunged over. Need windex and newspaper.

Been a lovely sunny and cool day. It’s cooled off quite a bit after the sun went down. And the wind picked up even more...
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