TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Turned the News On...

The Lead Story…

A massive mulch fire in Richmond, Texas. Mulch? Fire? Now that I think about it, seems possible. Probable in fact. Never considered it before, but yeah it would be combustible. Mix that stuff right it will produce methane… A mulch fire. Jeebus.

And then...

Rodeo has shut down all outside activity due to high winds. Hmmmmm. The last couple times I was out on my patio, the wind is strong enough that it’s blowing spray up from the swimming pool. 5 Floors up. Really whistling through my concrete canyon tonight. *grins*


Got caught up with ‘The Walking Dead’ today. Tonight.


Who Knew?

The Whitehouse has it’s own Flickr account!

Of course it does!

Being able to put your name behind ‘Official White House Photo by’ must be kind of cool. Bet the hours are ungodly.
Tags: 42, television
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