TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Is He Just Crazy?


Hamid Karzai says the US is working in collusion with the damned Taliban (I know!) to topple the Afghan Government.

Whatever afghan hash that dude is smoking in his bong, could they send some of that shit over here?

Wonder who the Hell is whispering THAT crap in his ear?

But this dumbass seems to talk shit either right before or right after he has a chat with whatever high level administration wonk is around. Keep writing the checks USA! They need to go home now!

I think he is an unhappy man. Probably wishes his stupid ass had stayed in Paris or where ever the Hell it was he was in exile whilst the Taliban were in power.

I just don’t think he will last too long after the “coalition” pulls out of there for good. Plus he keeps trying to smack the hand of the guys who are writing checks and making sure his dumbass doesn’t get blown up by some bomber! I suppose he thinks his security folks are actually doing that job?
Tags: news, wesupportthetroops
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