TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Moving Low and Slow Today

Met friend KD yesterday afternoon for our usual Wednesday evening at BW3 swilling beer and bar food. That was all well and good. Drank St. Arnold’s Spring bock. Tasty stuff. Nice amber color, just a twinge of overhop. I don't usually drink bock. Usually too dark and heavy, but this one is different.

After dinner. Around 8 or so, KD went home and I went to my watering hole. Hadn’t been in a while. The have that Bock on tap as well. A bunch of folk I haven’t seen for a while (my fault, not theirs) were hanging out and it was a lovely evening out. So I don’t think we quite closed the bar. Three of us moved our party to a vietnamese restaurant close to downtown. As I had a salad for dinner I was hungry. I had some beef noodley thing.The company was good. The three of us had a nice buzz going. Lotta laughs. By the time we got back to the bar to pick up our two remaining cars as we pooled to little Vietnam and back, it was after three. And the girly gurl in our group had to work today. Hope she made it to wherever.

I think it was after 5 when I finally went to bed. Had a hard time getting to sleep. Something kept waking me up. I gave up around noon and got up.

The remains of my noodle thing AND my salad are in the fridge waiting my leisure.

Think maybe I had too much caffeine yesterday. And that’s why I had a hard time sleeping. That and a natural proclivity to be up during daylight hours. *laughs*

Having a spot of green tea as I write this. I feel fine really. Another beautiful day here. I want to get the bike out today at some point and go for a ride. Didn’t do it yesterday although I wanted to.

Hope all is well where ever you find yourself!
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