TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

So Yeah, I'm a Cheapass!

My lord, it was hot today. I believe we set records. I didn’t really care enough to check, but I hear from a reliable source it is so.

And since I am on the top floor of this mid-rise, it is after 10PM and still in the mid 80’s in here. And muggy. I do not want to turn on the air for Crissakes, it is MARCH!

Once I turn it on it will likely stay on.

Probably a good bet we are done with the cold weather in SE Texas. We’ll probably see some cool weather yet, but likely are finished with the cold stuff. I ain’t quite prepared to be scorched yet.

Aww dammit. I’m starting to get one of “Those” weather related headaches that I am wont to get. Going to try a shower, I think. If that doesn’t work it will be time for a wee dram of scotch.
Tags: 42, apartment life, first world problems
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