TexasT's (texasts) wrote,


It's nights like this I kinda wish I lived in the high rise across from my building. I've been sitting on the patio listening (and watching!) to the weather come in from the west. It is just raining lightly so far, but it sure is making a nice ruckus.

And we can use the rain...

ETA: Well, that escalated quickly! The wind has started to pick up as predicted (and rightly so, for a change) by our weather guys. Blowing the rain around like Hell! Just heard someone's trashcan blow down the hallway. Already pulled mine in.  Nice. Had to close the doors and windows, though. It is raining sideways! Got most of the lights out here and just relaxing to the beat.

It is really hammering down. I know I said we could use the rain. But we don't need a whole month's worth in one night.
Tags: 42, weather
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