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Not Been Up To Much

Been mostly keeping a low profile…

Was out Thursday night. I had to get out of here for a bit. I must have needed the night out.

But Jiminy Cricket! Was late when I got in. I burned the next day up. Reckon I needed the sleep too. I woke up a couple of times and went to the john or got a glass of water, went right back to the rack and fell out. I think I even ate something at some point. *grins*

Late in the afternoon by the time I finally got up. Times like that I am kind of glad I have no one making demands on my time, either reasonable or unreasonable.

I still felt kind of guilty about wasting the whole day.

And then of course, I got over that. *grins*

Just mostly been hanging out here at la casita. Partially successful getting out on the bike. Not as much as I should, but hey anything is better that what I was doing. Which was nothing.

Trying to figure out what the name of that cyclone that blew thru my apartment was named. *laughs* So working on that. Think it starts with ’T’ and ends with ‘m’.

Been playing a little of the new Tiger Woods 14. Still getting my ass kicked. It’s open right now and it sounds like there are birds flying around outside. I don’t even play golf, but I have liked the last few versions of that. There are next to NO sports games that can grab my attention, but TW in it’s various iterations has been able too.

OH! Got a little project thingie I bought from fab.com that I’ve been working on. Fun stuff. Weird. But fun. Should be good for a picture or two when I get further along.

Want to get some of my artwork either back up on the walls or just up. A little tired of tripping over some of this stuff. Need to get some of that done too.

I am too easily distracted some times. One thing I’ve got though, is time.
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