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So I Don't Like It

But I guess I do not really have a choice. Found a frickin’ note on my door that say a corporate rep from the management company will be doing ‘a brief inspection’ on Monday,Tuesday or Wednesday. Now I didf ask the minions in the office, “WTF!?” and the answer I got was the board (read the Owners) wants to snoop around a bit.

They are supposed to look at every single apartment in the complex over that 3 day period.

This just pisses me off. Told the girl I was tempted to barricade myself in here and just not answer the freakin’ door. I won’t, but damn. And yeah I know it’s in the lease agreement, but fuck, this just rubs me the wrong way.

Be lucky if they don’t get an earful from me before I let them in…

We are most definitely, NOT AMUSED!
Tags: 42, apartment life
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