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Well Dang It.

In spite of myself I have spent at least a little time tidying up a bit. Not too damn much cause I am who I am.

Oh yeah. my project…

Meet Yorick. I knew him Horatio!

Poor Yorick

This thing is made from laser cut cardboard. I bought it from fab.com. It (and a whole lot of other stuff) is made by cardboardsafari.com. Should check it out. I know I will be. It is life size. Creepy? No. It's cardboard for gawd's sake! I'd put one of my hats on it, but it's Laser cut, and it smells like burned cardboard.

I supposed I could coverit in plaster or something and paint it, but I think I like it just  the way it is. For now.

And should you decide to join fab. Use me as a referral. I think I get credit or something..

Tags: 42, apartment life
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