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Oops! That Smarts! Don't Worry, That'll Buff Right Out...

Any One Up For Cocktail Hour?

Making myself a gin and tonic **I’m kind of a simple guy. With simple tastes. In a complicated way. **laughs* just a bit ago. Cutting a lime into wedges and took a pretty good chunk out of the tip of my right thumb. With a ceramic blade. Kinda stings a little. *Hellooooooooo! Slicing lime!!* Nice.

Waiting for it to coagulate on up enough so I can go find a dang fingertip bandage out of the linen closet. FUCK! Lots of capillaries in that area apparently. Bled like a stuck pig. I should still have some of these bandages. Need to find the damned Neosporin too.

Finished making my drink too.

Priorities, after all, my friends. *grins*
Tags: 42, dumbass, klutz
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