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Know What Separates Mankind From Beasts

His inherent ability to do wondrous acts of good. Followed nearly immediately by the inherent ability to do some unspeakable evil…

Intent. Right?

That. And opposable THUMBS! See where I am going with this?

Every time I go to do something right handed. My right thumb gets in the way.

I need to give it a break I guess. And I’m left hand dominant.

Well… I used to be. I’ve whacked it kinda good a couple of times now. That stings a bit. I’ll need to change the bandage when I head off to bed if I keep this up! *grins*.

Made some things a bit more difficult.
Like buttoning my jeans.
Or playing video games. No such thing as a one handed controller. HA!

Guess I can still type. Heh… I [spacebar] with my left…
Tags: 42, stupid shit
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