TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Tom and Other Foolery

My damned thumb is looking pretty gnarly. Had it out in the open most of the afternoon / evening. I’l stick another bandage over it before I hit the hay. Last one lasted longer than I thought it would. I guess I’ve lost a pretty good bit of the tip. Cleaned that bad boy with peroxide. Twice today. Stoopid thing will still bleed if you fool with it the wrong way.

Been a slow day here in Lake Whoa!BeGone. Mostly goofed off. Still getting whipped at TW14. But I am getting better. Probably need a better controller. Yeah that’s it… It’s the controller.


Three loads of laundry were finished and I’ve eaten and stuff. And dishes have been done. Not a total laggard.

One thing I haven’t done is make any more drinks that require using edged instruments! *grins*

I don’t really have any other foolery tonight. Just TomFoolery.

Let’s try to be good to each other…
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