TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

You Win…

I broke down and closed the apartment up and started the AC. Wasn’t so hot as It was just too damned humid. Had kind of a rough time getting to sleep last night. Just a bit ago I was standing in the kitchen doing dishes and was perspiring. Not heavily, but enough to make my skin a little slick.

“Fuck it!”

Even though it looks like we’ll get some cooler weather in a day or so…

“Fuck it!”

Just tired of it being hot in here.

“Fuck it!”

You win, SE Texas Weather… But I’m cool with that. *laughs*


Went and spent yesterday afternoon with friend KD at the Red Lion pub. Tried out a couple of beers on the recommend of the bartender, Heather. She’s relatively new. We hung around long enough for shift change, got to see one of the bartenders I’ve hung out with. Even though I hadn’t been in for quite some time, she called me out by name. Surprises me every time.

Unfortunately I was done. I’d had dinner (fish and chips!) there at the bar. Had already paid my tab. KD was looking a bit trapped, so we got out of there. He dropped me back here at la casita. He had gotten pinned in between two attorneys. *laughs*

Made myself a drink and goofed off for the rest of the night.


While we are on the subject of cooling, I bought a couple of Vornado “Whole Room Tower Circulator” upright fans at the end of summer last year. One is 41” tall and the other is 32”.

Keep the shorter of the two in the bedroom, and the other is currently residing in the living area by the patio door. Got to admit I am rather unimpressed with these things. The smaller of the two is loud at the highest settings. Seems to blow hard enough though, unlike thetaller of the two which cannot seem to circulate an entire room.

I think I’ll take a closer look at these two units to see if I’ve got screws loose or something. *grins* No, not me. The Fans~!

Dish washer is finished so now it is time to go wash ME!
Tags: 42, apartment life, weather
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