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Happy to Note...

Made my self a rather stiff gin and tonic just now. No, not on purpose. But it is a little stronger than I intended.

And the happy part is no extraneous appendages were sliced, cut, sheared off , stabbed or otherwise injured while I was slicing up the lime.

Didn’t ask the Lime how it felt about being drawn and quartered. Could have been screaming bloody murder for all I know, I don’t speak Lime.

Other than, “Pucker up!!”

I started to slice torture the lime with an older (and duller) knife, I’ve got. Had to give up as it was like using a frickin’ nail-file to do the job. Went back to the ceramic blade. My word, that thing is SHARP!

Haven’t been able to find my whetstone for some time now.


Been listening to a French gentleman (He may be Algerian, I’m not sure) by the name of Pierre Bensusan today. Picked this up in a link from metafilter:

So naturally I went and picked up and album the song came from. “Intuite”. If you get a chance and dig guitar finger pickers, give it a listen. I’m finding this guy’s expressions pretty interesting.


Ordered a new keyboard today. The batteries really seem to be flying through their charges with my older keyboard. They’re rechargeable, but still. That doesn’t make it any less of a pain in the ass to change them.

So I ordered a solar powered from Logitech. And it is full size, with a numeric keypad. I miss my number pad. I should see that thang about mid week.


Finished my shopping (I’m pretty sure *grins*) for The Offspring’s birthday next month. Got something for (step daughter) alleycat2681, but I’m not sure if she’ll be here for hers or not. I believe she is currently touring with Disney on Ice in Vietnam.


That’s all I’ve got for today. I am going to finish up ‘The Hobbit’ at some point tonight and maybe a ‘Whovian’ episode as well.

See if I can sit still that long. HAH!
Tags: 42, lake whoa!begone, my excitiing life
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