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Ohh Boy.

Got an appointment in the AM with a My Fit Foods “Nutritionist”. I have got to fix my diet, I’m not doing so well at it myself. And we all know I hate to cook. There’s just no joy in it for me. It isn’t an art form, it’s a CHORE!

So. There I am. Think I’ll shower tonight in case *laughs* I oversleep. After that I’ve got a full day of errands and stuff to do too. Culminating with the last dinner of wingz and beer I’m likely to have for a while with friend KD.

In other news I laid a comment on a photo on some silly site tonight and got flamed for it 7 ways from Sunday. People just seem to assume everyone has an agenda that doesn’t meet with theirs and therefore, YOU ARE AN IDIOT / ASSHOLE / DIPSHIT / STUPID HEAD / MORON.

Jeepers - Don’t know why, but I did try to explain myself after the first and second ones. After the 3rd, I basically told them what I was trying to say and then, “This was my first and likely LAST post,” and “all you shitheads who can’t bother with context can kiss my Grits, since you’re such a friendly bunch of motherfuckers.”

And no. I ain’t saying where.
Tags: 42, my excitiing life
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