TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Well That Escalated Quickly

Got a nice Thunderstorm blowing through here at the moment. Knew it was supposed to give us a shower, but it is raining sideways. I’ve closed up everything and turned on the AC.

Power keeps blipping off-n-on.

And dammitall I’m hungry… Been doing what I am supposed to. And that is be hungry apparently. I’m sure it is just the fact my caloric intake has fallen dramatically. I guess it will be a day or two *or three or four or whatever it takes before that resets a bit. But in the mean time…

So far the hardest parts of this are the quantities of food, (Quality doesn’t seem to be an issue) and the no caffeine and no alcohol.

I think I miss my coffee more than anything else. Supposed to be doing a 21 day ‘Liver’ purge. That’s what that nasty morning cocktail is for.

Normally at this time of day, with the weather like this I’d be relaxing with a nice dram or two o’ scotch. And I don’t miss that too terribly. But the coffee? Dunno about that one. I may have to sneak a small cup in the morning. Had this headache all freakin’ day. I’ll see how I feel in the morning.

I’m okay with giving up (some of) my vices, but all of them at once? Again, see how I feel in the AM.

About to sit down and watch The Big Lebowski. If the power doesn’t go out.
Tags: 42, diet, mff, weather
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