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Really? And Then Some

Something To Think About

I quit smoking a year and five months ago. And went with an ecig. Lately I’m wondering just what benefit I am actually getting from it. I can go long swaths without using the things. Yesterday for instance, I think I hit the thing only a few times. Wasn’t overly nervous or anything.

Of course, when I am under the influence, I tend to use the thing more continuously.

It’s just something to think about. No need for immediate action.


Conan the Comedian

Watching the ‘highlights’ of the Whitehouse Corresponents’ Dinner. The Pres far outshines Conan as far as I can tell. Team Coco seems to fall flat.

He ain’t funny. As a matter of fact I didn’t finish his monologue.

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Not to Godawful Much Planned for Today

Need to do a bit of shopping. Clean up a bit. Maybe hang some pictures so I can stop tripping over them. Some Laundry. Matter of fact I should do that FIRST. I need appropriate clothing…



Nope! Green tea. Not nearly as satisfying though.

Right. Time to get this party started.
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