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Were You Tryin’ to Piss Me Off, Man?

Tried to get some parts for the bike today. A mite unsuccessful in this endeavor I was.

dod-s-rcrews for crissakes. I even had the frickin’ sizes I needed. Length, width and thread. Was like the dude didn’t believe me. Fuck! Told him I copied that shit right out of the manual for my bike. I didn't tell him that it was a cut and paste on my damned phone.

The guy wants me to bring the bike in…

Jeebus. I need 4 screws and 4 locknuts. If I had to I could make it work with two. Lock. Nuts.

I may try the big box hardware store in the same strip center as the bike shop tomorrow. Don’t screw with me, man! If you wanna see my bike, just frickin’ say so! I mean, it is a bit unusual.

Don’t see that many eBikes around here, I’m sure. I look when I’m out and about nowadays, and I’ve only seen one. And it was the same make as mine. Different model. On the other side of town.

May have lost a customer at that shop.


**Tri-Focals?! OMG! Is There Such an Animal?!?

Made myself an eye exam appointment for tomorrow afternoon. I’ve needed glasses for some time as my bifocals no longer focal for me. Been busted by friends, either pushing my glasses up off my eyes or even reading over the top. Heh.

Excited about that, I am. Pay for insurance. Should be using it.

Kinda perturbed me, when they charged 9 bucks for a couple of nose guards, and one endcover for one of the arms. They used to do shit like that for free, if you got your glasses there. Whatever. *PA much? Noooooooooo.*

**and yes, I KNOW there is such a thing!


4 Days In…

dod-t-rhe diet and the *ahem* purge thing seem to be going swimmingly. I’m certainly eating better than I have in years. How the hell did I ever get so far off track?

I’ve had a few WTF moments over the last few days.
Haven’t had a drink in 4-5 days. Nor have I eaten any junk food.

I DO have that (!!) cup of coffee in the morning. Ummmmmm. 2 at most. *grins*

You don’t really want to see the face I make with that first sip of green tea, first thing in the morning. Or Hell, maybe you do! Might be funny. Probably scary.

I need to get a haircut. Badly. My damned hats don’t fit right. *laughs* Soon come, mon.

And I do feel a bit different already. Better. Maybe I’m sleeping better too? I still have a hard time getting to sleep, but once I really do, I sleep like the dead.

We’ll just wait and see.
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