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Went to get my glasses today. Something is off on one pair. Might be they are not as curved as my old ones. Slightly out of focus.

The old frames I took in for Sunglasses are fine. The lens is shaped a lot like my old pair.

Annnnnnnd I can’t even call them to bitch, because apparently I left my phone there.

Annnnnnnd they are closed.

Annnnnnnd (which doesn't surprise me) no one answers when I call my phone.

Annnnnnnd findmyiphone says it is there. What a wonderful little app that is.


In other TexasT’s news, I finally got the rack put on the rear of my bike. Drilled out the bolt holes on it so the bolts I bought would now have a chance to work.

Annnnnnnd I’ve lost nearly 7 pounds!

Hell, half of that could be just because I stopped imbibing any alcoholic beverages. But still, an improvement. And I am feeling better than I have in quite a while. Annnnnnnd I could be kidding myself on that last one too. *grins*
Tags: 42, shit damn hell fuck, stuff i don't like
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