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Catalog Crap and Other Schtuff.

Looking through the Adorama.com paper catalog they sent me. Photography shop out of NYC. Guess I bought something from them recently. At any rate the catalog is nice. Glossy. And more than half of the merchandise is not priced.

Usually a one way trip to the shredder around my place. Just the page that has my name and addy on it goes into the shredder. Rest into the trash. If you can’t be bothered to price some of the most interesting stuff in the rag, this means is if I want a price I have to jump through a different set of hoops.

BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZTT!! Wrong answer. Thank you for playing.


Listening to some new (to me) tunes, from Sia, The Shins, Painted Palms, Vampire Weekend, CHVRCHES and others. And I got the Soundtrack from ‘The Big Lebowski’ and have that queued up too. Had to buy that on an actual CD. WTF!?! I could have probably sourced it all out, but honestly I felt it was more cost effective (from a perfectly selfish perspective, of course) just to buy the CD.

Cannot remember when the last time I bought a CD was. Well I do now, I guess. Can you?

Started out with ‘JS Bach, Toccata en Fugue’ this morning. Hadn’t heard that for quite sometime. I like it. Got a catchy beat…

Throw in some Bossa nova at the end here. “Aguas de Marco” by Elis Regina. Been a rather interesting day musically speaking. So far.

I own quite a bit of digital music nowadays. iTunes estimates it would take along the lines of 20 days to listen to it all.

How about a version of Hotel California in Spanish. I love this tune! The Gipsy Kings nail it!

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