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Thursday… The End

The end of the 21 day Liver cleanse. Gotta say I’m feeling pretty good about this.

My “Official” weight loss turns out to be right at 10 lbs. That’s a good safe number for 21 days.

I’m going to continue to ride along this path for a bit longer.

I haven’t done too many exciting things lately. Mostly because I was feeling like crap a lot of the time. I wonder if that was all diet related. This change was supposed to help me get more energy. And it has. And I lost weight too. BONUS! Eating much smaller quantities of preprocessed foods, and a lot less gluten.

I think I’ll go for a bike ride after lunch today too.

Also think I might continue this no brew (I know WTF!? Right?) thing for the nonce as well. Or at least severely curtail it. What can I say? I like the stuff. I just cannot continue to like it the way I did before. Hard habit to break, for me, unfortunately. Small steps TexasT’s, small steps.

Still like to have a scotch when I feel like it. I need to restock that. I’ll have to make a stop at Specs.

Next thing I think, is to get it back on with my online courses. I paid for them. I need to finish. Or at least make a big fat dent in them.

And hang more artwork… Got plenty to go around yet.

Been kinda neglecting my domestic chores due to a certain game on a certain console that has been taking up far too much of my time… Heh. Noticed I was getting a bit bored with it, so it is time to put it down for a while.

So, today three loads of laundry before lunch. Take THAT!!


Ordered some shirts from duluthtrading.com. I love their stuff. It’s casual, and a lot of it is pretty durable. Made for manly men. *laughs* Utilitarian stuff mostly, you might say. *grins* Fashion Hanger? NOPE! You gotta watch them on price sometimes though.


Did finally ride over and give TSO my new glasses back. They tested the lens and verified I wasn’t THAT crazy! *DUH* ReDo!


Spent a few hours with The Offspring, her mom, cadona and a few of the kiddos friends on Sunday. She hangs with a kind of a strange bunch. We all met at Mandell Park, in Montrose to watch some LARPer’s bash away at each other. Kiddo was worn out from her friends night out the night before. Sounded like they had a good time. *she was hungover a bit* My god, she'll be THIRTY next year.

That park is located near two or three apartments I looked at when I was moving out of Katy.

I begged off after an hour or two. Stopped by My Watering Hole on the way back to la casita. And I shouldn’t have. *grins* I need to exercise more discipline.

The last few times I’ve been out I have been rather disappointed in myself. And my weak will.

Still. No harm, no fear really.


Hope all are having a good weekend where ever you are. And remember, be kind to one another. It really is usually easier than the alternative.
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