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Good Morning!

Annnnnnnd Happy Saturday!

Another early night (and consequently an early morning too!) for me last night.

Had my breakfast, and I’m about to head out for a bicycle ride. Battery has a full charge, and I’d kinda like to see what I can get out of it while not really trying to stretch the battery. Supposed to be good for 20 miles or so. I exceed the weight limit for my ride so I won’t get nearly that much.

We’ll see. YMMV.

Taking my little camera with me. Who knows, the muse may strike. I’d like to think so anyway, feeling kind of stifled creatively lately. Wear my helmet too. Unless it gets too hot.

I’m thinking our crazy spring is pretty much over and it will be more of the same till October. HOT.

Laterz! And enjoy the weekend y’all!
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