TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Must Be Doing Something Right

My Fit Foods called a bit ago to say my order was ready for pickup. It’s usually after 5PM. Someone want an early day or what?

Annnnnnd I just heard from the optometrist right before that. My new glasses are ready. Hope they got it right this time. *grins*

I was going to ride my bike over to get my glasses, but these guys are literally right across the street from each other. Granted it is a big street. I don’t have any realistic way to carry my purchases from MyFitFoods on my bicycle. Yet. Need some grocery sized Panniers. Been looking but haven't found the ones for me yet.

Haven’t been in my car in (it seems like) DAYS.

I’ll ride my bike later. Off to shower. Well, after my snack. And go take care of business. Got some packages down at the apt office too.

And at some point this week I need to stop in JosABank. They’ve left me VM.
Tags: 42, diet, glasses, health, mff
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