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Well My Goodness...

I have a 1st generation 8 GB iPod Touch. I got the durned thing when I had to take my MBP into an Apple Store for some service. I think it was the logic board. So that would be late 2007. I was standing there waiting to talk to one of the tech guys and a sales dude dropped one into my hands and asked if I had a chance to play with one yet. By the time he came back for it ten minutes later, I just looked at him and said, “Hell. Wrap one up! I’m sold!”

Today I wanted to use it as a BT (no dice) or remote for iTunes. It’s got like prehistoric iOS (maybe 3.0) and is no longer even upgradeable. Won’t connect to the Internet. Won’t connect to the App Store. I guess I’m lucky it says it is connecting to my network.

There will be no air tunes with this thing. It is a truly obsolete piece of tech. Not even sure it will connect to iTunes. I may try. Said it had 1400 pieces of music on it. I was keeping Holiday type music on it. Sadly with the limited connectivity inherent in it’s *old* tech I don’t think I can use it for what I was going to.

Some one else might want it, though. I’ll look into it. Well crap. Oh well. I’ll figure out a way to bend the tech to my will.

Didn’t do much of anything today. Dunno why, Guess I just wasn’t in the mood for much. Just hung out around the apt.


Been farting about with the Remote app / iTunes / various pieces of connected equipment tonight.

Also played for a bit with the Airfoil App. A lot of the same functionality that’s built into AirTunes (or whatever the hell they call it now). And it did it BEFORE AirTunes was around.

Program seems to have an 4 - 8 second delay built into the controls. Hit [pause] for instance, and there is a rather pregnant pause before it pauses… Anything. *laughs* Airfoil still has it place of course. Just not for what I’m fooling with.

Listening to Across the Graveyard by Roÿksopp. Interesting tune. Can’t even remember why I picked this one up. But I’m glad I did.

And now Adagio for Strings, Op. 11, Bernstein and the LA Philharmonic. A moving piece. Sends me places. From the Gershwin’ Rhapsody in blue - Copland’.

And I’ve said enough.
Tags: ipod touch, obsolete, tech
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