TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

I Want To Wake Up Even Earlier!

Said No One EVER!

I was beat last night so I went to crash at around 1030. Yeah and woke up (and I mean, might as well get up awake) around 530 this morning. I guess I don’t really mind though, I hardly ever see dawn breaking unless I’m seeing it from the other side. Been up all night kind of a deal. Not last night…


Been a nice day, had the doors open since I got up this morning. Looking at the radar it looks like we’re gonna get some wet weather from the west. Looks like the rain is between Austin and San Antonio and here. It could miss us entirely too. Same temperature outside as it is inside. 84F is not miserable yet… *grins*

Later folks! Be kind to one another!
Tags: 42, health, sleep
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