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Weather Station? No Thanks, I've Got One.

I recently upgraded my outdoor weather **thing. Gives temp, humidity, all that jazz. Indoors and out. Even pressure. Not sure I’d rely on that for seriously inclement weather.

It also monitors indoor CO2. And it nags you. If it gets above a certain PPM. Wants me to ventilate. “Open a window! Open the patio doors! Let the fresh air in!”

“Excuse me!” I cry, “Bullshit!! Are you out of your fucking mind?!? Do you know where we are? This is Houston, Texas. It’s nearly June. And you want me to open doors and windows! It is a bazzilion degrees out there. Fuggetaboutit!” As I slammed doors and windows, closed blinds and curtains. And twisted the thermostat down so the AC would blast its frosty breath…

And when I write it that way it seems to me somewhat over dramatic…

I silenced the CO2 alarm, walked into the bedroom and closed the window and closed the curtains. At this point I clicked the temp down to something resembling cool and shut the patio doors and blinds.

Easily distracted.

** ETA - I believe the proper technical term for that thing is "Whatchamadoodle."
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