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I Missed It...

Having some decaf before I head off to bed...

You know...
I said last week I had a funeral to go to this weekend.

Umm yeah. About that. Well, I didn’t go.

I had two opportunities to pay my respects over the last few days, and I just couldn’t make myself go to either one. Not sure why really.

Maybe it had been too long since I had seen either of them. Been quite a few years. I’d seen some recent pictures of them as a couple. He seems timeless. Relatively unchanged. Grayer. And a bit heavier, as we can get as we age.

But she (the deceased) didn’t look like any one I remembered. Had it been that long? We were first introduced over 25 years ago. Once I transferred out of that location, that was very nearly the last I saw of them. That was after 10 years or so.

I guess I didn’t want to intrude. And I felt like I would have been. I’ll try to get in touch with him at some time in the near(ish) future. We still have a few friends in common.
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