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Papa Don't Take No Mess

This came up in my random play on my iPod. AWESOME!

James Brown - “Papa Don't Take No Mess -Part 1

Didn’t even realize I owned this. I was shocked. Greatness! There’s a 12 minute version out there as well. I like this one just fine.

Had some strange random music come up lately on that machine that kinda has me scratchin’ my head. I mean I like it all, but damn. What was I thinking at the time? Dunno.

I don’t take no mess!


PS. I had a nice long ranty post all typed up and ready to put up. But, it was just me bashing me, so I think I’m just going to keep that one between me and me. *grins* Sometimes I just piss me off. I can be a hard headed SOB sometimes. Stubborn too. But you knew that. Didn’t you?

I like the tone of this one better.
Tags: 42, ipod, music, stuff i like
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