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What a Beauty!

Was up waaaaaaaaay early this morning, because I went to bed early. Honestly, the first time I woke up it was faaaaaaar too early for anyone that claims to be civilized. Forced myself back to sleep for a couple more hours. It was still dark when I finally decided enough was enough.

Had a nice breakfast earlier, and I’ve just finished a delicious snack of a little Monterrey Jack cheese, almonds, cranberries, a few apple slices and grapes with some Earl Grey Tea. Think I’ll take the bike on a long ride today.

Charged the battery last night so the lil’ rocket is ready to roll. Think maybe I’ll find a park somewhere and go sit and read. Or something. Maybe two parks…

Got some new audio equipment I want to try outside too. Might skip my usual beer fest Wednesday night out too. What?!?! You feeling alright, T? Yeah I’m fine.

Dunno yet. Noticed I tend to blow a couple days dieting if I do that shit. Need to try and be somewhat of an adult sometimes.
Tags: 42, diet, health
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